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BSNL F AND F ACTIVATION | friends and family bsnl | bsnl friends and family activation tamilnadu | bsnl friends and family activation

CHENNAI TELEPHONES has given clear instructions in their official website how to activate the friends and family talk scheme in Chennai.  Clear instructions are available here.

FnF(Friends and Family) Talk
for BSNL Mobile general prepaid and all postpaid Customers

FnF Talk Activation

Chennai customers can give  any two numbers within Tamilnadu(including Chennai)

The facility gets automatically revoked if the selected landline number is surrenderd, disconnected or ceases to exist due to any reason.

BSNL's Cellular customers should send an SMS to 53733 in the following format

(The landline and mobile numbers given below are only illustrative. The customers should give the numbers  to which they would like the FnF Talk)

1. If two landline numbers are chosen (the two BSNL landline numbers may be anywhere inTamilnadu)

 FFE <1st landline number><2nd landline number>

Example  FFE 04428519994 04428519995

2. If one landline and one mobile number are chosen, the 1st number should be the landline chosen
(the two BSNL numbers must belong Tamilnadu including Chennai)

 FFE <1st landline number>

Example  FFE 04428519994 9444009990


  1. i sent a sms to activate for this plan.but it is not activated

  2. what shall i do ,for activate corrcetly,,


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